Conventions and Workshops

TSBA conducts conventions and workshops throughout the year to inform board members and administrators about key issues and topics affecting public education.

All courses listed below in blue can be used for credit on your boardsmanship transcript.

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To address mass casualty loss, as well as the loss of everyday accident and deliver the first-of-its-kind safety training designed specifically addressing the threats to and vulnerabilities of schools.


The online workshop begins with Trent Lovett, Superintendent of Marshall County Schools in Kentucky. Mr. Lovett gives an actual account of the day, and the days following the active shooting event that occurred at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky on January 23, 2018. From the everyday accidental injury to the unthinkable tragedy, you will be equipped to understand the threats, the scale of what they’re costing us, and most importantly, how to prevent them.


This online workshop consists of six separate sections:


  • Creating a Culture of Readiness: A Firsthand Account of a School Tragedy
  • Awareness and Response to Active Shooter Threats
  • Bleeding Control Training
  • A Conversation about Mental Health
  • New Roles and Culture Shifts in Education
  • Preparedness for the Preventable: Workers’ Compensation

Special Considerations:

  • Board members must have access to a computer with internet connectivity.

Registration Fee:

  • $250
  • $150 for all TSBA Board Members and Tennessee Educators

Please call TSBA at 615-815-3900 for the TSBA discount code.