Board Evaluations

Your school board should participate in an annual board evaluation to:

  • Set a proper example. All other employees of the system are evaluated annually. Send a message that the board believes in leadership by example.
  • Identify areas where improvement is needed, as well as focusing on areas where the board excels. Every board has problems and identification of them is prerequisite to a solution.
  • Keep the board mindful of its own operations and procedures. During board self assessments, the board frequently identifies ways to improve operating procedures and overall effectiveness.

Why should your board have a facilitator to conduct your evaluation?

The board needs an impartial person to receive and tabulate the results and present them to the board. The focus of an outside facilitator is to help board members establish ways to improve their relationship with one another and operate successfully as a team.

The facilitator will:

  • Provide an online evaluation instrument to be completed by each board member.
  • Tabulate the final results and develop a summary of comments.
  • Report the results of the evaluation to the board at a retreat.
  • Conduct a team building session to identify areas in which the board excels and areas needing improvement.


  • Board Evaluation (using TSBA’s instrument) Tabulation Service Only: Free with Membership
  • Board Evaluation (using TSBA’s instrument) Tabulation Service/Board Retreat Service Fee: $2500 per day

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