The TSBA Constitution requires that Association positions and major policy decisions be determined by a Delegate Assembly consisting of representatives of each member board. TSBA is governed by the Delegate Assembly which consists of representatives selected from each local board of education in Tennessee. The Delegate Assembly elects the officers of TSBA, establishes annual goals and adopts resolutions which become the “marching orders” for the organization. The Delegate Assembly is the chief legislative body of the Tennessee School Boards Association.

The TSBA Board of Directors consists of a president, immediate past president, president-elect, vice-president, treasurer, nine district directors, and four at large members. The 18 member board carries out the mandates of the Delegate Assembly and act as a liaison between the Association and local school boards. Tennessee School Boards Association founders set this and other lofty ideals as their reason for being. Through the years, TSBA has dedicated itself to help school board members reach their highest potential as model public servants to Tennessee’s schoolchildren and communities through association programs, meetings and services. TSBA also provides school board members a collective voice in matters of legislation and public education concerns. Members gather at meetings and workshops to share ideas and hear from professionals who can empathize with board members’ concerns and offer solutions to problems or inspirations for new and innovative ventures. Individually, school boards may find it financially impossible to employ their own specialists in such areas as legislation, school law, policies and community relations. But these and many other services are just a phone call or visit away at the TSBA office – a resource center that addresses the priorities of school board members.

TSBA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  For additional information click here.

TSBA exists solely for you – the school board member.