The TSBA Policy Department provides boards with information on how federal and state laws impact their policies. We help develop model policies as required by law as well as policies that are recommended as best practice. The TSBA Policy Service is a member of the American Association of State Policy Services, which provides access to a wide variety of policy information from other states. We utilize these resources as well as practical considerations from local districts to develop effective policy language.

Services Available to TSBA Member Boards

TSBA member boards receive model policies required by law, upon request. They also receive timely notification in the event of statutory/regulatory changes that require the development of policies.

Additional Policy Services Available Through TSBA

We offer a number of fee-based services and products to policy subscribers. These services include:

Customized Policy Manual Development

This service is designed to help boards develop or completely revamp a policy manual. We begin by reviewing your board’s current policy manual while having someone with your school district complete a questionnaire. After learning the operations and specifics of a system, we draft recommendations for new policies that will encompass the goals and priorities of the system while complying with state and federal laws and regulations. We deliver the recommended policies along with explanations and legal authorities for each, and then we assist your board with changes prior to adoption. This customized policy service also includes one year of policy maintenance at no charge.

Policy Manual Maintenance

After a manual is customized, the board may sign up for our policy maintenance service. As your board adopts new policies or amends current policies, we will review the changes to ensure compliance with the law and suggest changes if needed. As an additional part of this service, subscribing boards will receive regular legal updates and recommendations regarding policies throughout the year.

Policy Re-customization

Policy re-customization involves TSBA attorneys reviewing a current policy subscriber’s manual and making recommendations to bring it up-to-date. This option is designed to help if your board’s policy manual has not been consistently updated, or if the board is interested in an objective review. This is a great option for a board that would like assistance in reviewing its entire manual for clarity, consistency, and legal compliance. Since this is an option for boards that are already policy subscribers, the pricing will be pro-rated based on the current contract.

Online Hosting

As an additional service to our maintenance subscribers, we offer an online service. This service provides the opportunity for an online manual that is completely hosted and updated by TSBA. With a simple email to submit your changes, the updated policies will be uploaded to your online manual to ensure that your communities have online access to your current manual.

Ways to Learn More About Policy

This Board Policy and Operations Module provides an overview of the responsibilities of the board and superintendent in board operations and policy development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

For additional information, please contact TSBA’s Director of Policy, Jennifer White, at jwhite@tsba.net or 615.815.3915.