School Facilities

TSBA has partnered with the Tennessee School Plant Managers Association (TSPMA) to assist school boards in the area of school facilities. If you have any questions about school facilities, please contact Debbie Shedden, TSPMA Executive Director at

TSPMA in partnership with TSBA will also:

  • Provide facilities training at appropriate TSBA meetings.
  • Develop a school facilities planning manual including minimum standards for school construction.
  • Assist in developing school system long range capital improvement plans.
  • Assist school system facilities personnel in developing appropriate preventative maintenance schedules for buildings and equipment; proper cleaning standards for school facilities; and guidelines for proper staffing of maintenance and custodial personnel using national standards and data from Tennessee schools.
  • Serve as a contact to TSBA membership for facilities questions and concerns.

For more information on the Tennessee School Plant Managers Association, please visit their website at