TSBA conducts a variety of approved training courses, workshops, and meetings throughout the year to inform board members and administrators about key issues and topics affecting public education.

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TSBA facilitates many of the tools our school boards need in order to bring success to our schools.

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Need a quick link to an education website? Need additional school board member facts and answers to your questions? Looking for a recent report or article? The Member Resources page will link you to resources, the TSBA Journal and Podcast, and additional tools to help answer your questions.

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Legislative advocacy is an essential part of advancing public education in Tennessee. TSBA’s Government Relations Department advocates for the collective interests of our membership at the General Assembly, as determined by our Delegate Assembly, position statements, and constitution and bylaws. The department monitors legislation that impacts school districts and maintains direct communication with legislators, state agencies, and stakeholder groups in the education arena to achieve the Association’s goals.

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Tennessee school districts are often confronted with complicated and time-sensitive legal concerns. TSBA’s Legal Department provides legal assistance and renders legal opinions upon request from local boards of education and superintendents. We have three attorneys on staff that are well-versed in education law and have a unique understanding of the legal issues affecting school boards. If you’ve got questions, we can help you find the answer. Find out more about how TSBA can assist your district in maneuvering through the technical details of our state’s laws and policies.

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TSBA’s Policy Department delivers educational, administrative, organizational, and legal assistance to school boards by providing consistent, effective, and current policies that comply with applicable statutory and/or regulatory requirements. Our staff is available to help answer questions and provide resources on policy development. Currently 132 out of 141 Tennessee school districts subscribe to TSBA’s Policy Service.


The mission of the Tennessee School Boards Association is to assist school boards in effectively governing school districts. Through the years, TSBA has helped school boards and their members reach their highest potential through association programs, meetings and services. TSBA also provides school board members a collective voice in matters of legislation and public education concerns.