Membership Benefits

What do you receive for your TSBA dues?

  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Legal Services
  • Policy Services
  • Labor Relations
  • Communications Services/Monthly Publications
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Coverage for all board members
  • Recognition Programs
  • Board Evaluation Services
  • Superintendent Contract Review
  • Superintendent Evaluation Tabulation
  • Discounts on all workshops and Annual Convention
  • Webinars on various educational topics
  • BuyBoard
  • OPEB Trust
  • School Facilities Services

Additional Benefits Provided on a Fee Basis

  • Board Retreats
  • Review/Analysis of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)
  • Meetings and Workshops
  • Customized Superintendent Evaluation Service
  • Superintendent Searches
  • Customized Policy Services
  • BOEconnect