The TSBA OPEB Trust helps those school districts wishing to pre-fund their other post-employment benefits (OPEB) liability. The Trust is administered by TSBA, an entity answerable directly to its members. The school district’s investment will lower its funding estimate of the actuarially determined contribution and its overall OPEB liability. By pooling resources, the TSBA OPEB Trust will lower per-system costs and has the potential to increase the school district’s return on investment.

TSBA has partnered with Nyhart, one of the nation’s largest independent actuarial firms, to provide actuarial services at a preferred TSBA price. For information on how your district can join the Trust, please contact Emily Warren at 615-815-3909 or ewarren@tsba.net.

Members of the TSBA OPEB Trust

  • Arlington Community Schools
  • Bartlett City Board of Education
  • Claiborne County Board of Education
  • Collierville Schools Board of Education
  • Hickman County Board of Education
  • Jackson-Madison County Board of Education
  • Johnson County Board of Education
  • Lakeland Board of Education
  • Memphis-Shelby County Board of Education
  • Millington Board of Education

TSBA OPEB Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Dale Viox, Chairman, Arlington
  • Wright Cox, Collierville
  • Kevin Woods, Memphis-Shelby County
  • Chris Denson, Millington
  • Candy Morgan, Ex-Officio, TSBA President
  • Dr. Tammy Grissom, Ex-Officio, TSBA Executive Director

2023 Board of Trustees Meetings

Saturday, November 18, 2023, at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center

*These meetings will be conducted by permitting participation by electronic or other means of communication.