Legal Consultation

TSBA’s Legal Department provides legal assistance and render legal opinions upon request from local boards of education and superintendents. We have three attorneys on staff that are well-versed in education law and have a unique understanding of the legal issues affecting school boards. Tennessee school districts are often confronted with complicated and time-sensitive legal concerns. While opinions of TSBA attorneys do not establish an attorney-client relationship, nor are they intended to supplant advice of the board’s attorney, we pride ourselves in providing quick and accurate legal information and resources to our membership. TSBA works closely with school board attorneys to help board members navigate the increasingly complex legal environment and function at an optimal level.

Amicus Briefs

An amicus curiae (Latin for “friend of the court”) is a person or group who is not a party to a court proceeding, but has a strong interest in the matter. On select cases, where an issue in dispute will have significant implications on local boards, TSBA may petition the Court to file an amicus brief and apply for oral argument. If your board is involved in litigation at the appellate level, TSBA may be able to advocate on behalf of the party involved and TSBA’s membership as a whole through an amicus curiae brief. Below are links to TSBA’s previously filed amicus curiae briefs.

Continuing Legal Education

In addition to the training provided to our school board members, TSBA offers continuing legal education credit for our attorney members through many of our webinars and workshops. TSBA coordinates with the Board of Professional Responsibility to ensure appropriate accreditation of our classes and that our attorney members receive the available CLE credit. Contact TSBA for more detailed information and a list of TSBA meetings and academies that qualify for CLE credit.

Legal Resources

TSBA offers a variety of resources to help school boards understand their responsibilities in a complex legal environment. Below are some helpful resources in maneuvering through the technical details of our state’s laws.

Click here to download the Dismissal Hearing Officers

Click here to download the 504 Hearing Officers

Click here to download the Title IX Hearing Officers

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