Tennessee Legislative Network

In order to accomplish its legislative purposes at the state and federal level, the Tennessee School Boards Association established the Tennessee Legislative Network. The Network consists of a Tennessee Legislative Network (TLN) representative from each local board of education in the state. One member of each board of education is selected to serve as the local TLN representative. TLN members serve as the contact for the local school board members of their respective districts on the actions and schedules of the General Assembly.

Tennessee General Assembly

Under the Tennessee Constitution, legislative authority of the State is vested in the General Assembly, which consists of a Senate and a House of Representatives, both dependent on the people (that is, popularly elected). The name of the legislative authority may vary from state to state, but usually it is called the Legislature or the General Assembly. The official title in our state is the “General Assembly of the State of Tennessee,” but may also be properly referred to as the Legislature.

The Tennessee General Assembly meets in Nashville each year beginning at noon on the second Tuesday of January. Each General Assembly meets 90 session days over a two-year period. Generally, legislative sessions last from mid-January through late April or May of each year. The General Assembly has 33 Senators and 99 Representatives. The 110th General Assembly Senate is composed of 28 Republicans, and 5 Democrats, elected to four-year terms. The 110th General Assembly House of Representatives is composed of 73 Republicans and 26 Democrats elected in even-numbered years to two-year terms.

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