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Rogelynn Emory V. Memphis City Schools Board Of Education; Linda K. Guthrie V. Rutherford County, Tennessee, Et Al.; Toni Jones V. Metropolitan Government Of Nashville And Davidson County; Patricia Lauren Tumminello V. Father Ryan High School, Inc.; Brad Hendrix V. Dekalb Cty. Bd. Of Education ; Whitaker V. Kenosha Unified School District and Attorney General Opinion

Donald Crockett v. Sumner County Board of Education, Supreme Court rules Drug- Free School Zone Act Does Not Apply to Facilitation Conviction in State of Tennessese v. Stanley Bernard Gibson, Winter CLE 2017 Event Details

Theodore Elaster, Jr., ET AL. v. Hamilton County Department of Education, ET AL., John Richardson, ET AL., v. Trenton Special School District and Attorney General Opinions

Jacqueline Harrison V. Shelby County, HCEA V. Hamilton County, Stiles v. Grainger County, Attorney General Opinions, Summer Law

Susan Jones V. Knox County, Service Employees International Union Local 205 v. Metro Nashville, Attorney General Opinions

Leonard Rowe v. Hamilton County, Smith/Kucera/Forgerty v. Jefferson County, Attorney General Opinions

CEF v. Cleveland Metro Schools, Ward V. Knox County BOE, Gellar V. Henry County BOE, Smith V. Jefferson County Bd. Sch. Comm’r, Hamilton Cty. Educ. Assoc’n v. Hamilton County BOE, Emory v. Shelby County BOE, Barkley v. Shelby County BOE, Rutherford Wrestling Club v. Arnold, Attorney General Opinions

City of Athens BOE v. McMinn County, Pamela Barkley v. Shelby County BOE, Attorney General Opinions

Belcher v. Robertson County, F.H. v. Memphis City Schools, Attorney General Opinions

N.W. v. Boone Cnty. Bd. of Educ., Wilder v. Union Cty. Bd. of Educ., Union Cty. Educ. Assoc. v. Union Cty. Bd. of Educ., Attorney General Opinions

Town of Greece, NY v. Galloway et al.;City Press Commc’n, LLC v. TSSAA;

Traylor v. Shelby County BOE; Attorney General Opinions

Metro-Nashville/Davidson County v. Metro-Nashville Education Association County Regional Planning Commission, Hampton v. Macon County BOE, Harp v. Metro-Nashville/ Davidson County, Nixon v. Hardin County BOE, Walker v. Detroit Public School District, Attorney General Opinions

Kevin Fisher v. Rutherford Co. Regional Planning Commission; Fonda Blair v. Rutherford County BOE; Richard Randall v. Shelby Co. BOE; State EX REL. Tany Aina-Labinjo v. Metro-Nashville BOE; Benefit Consulting Alliance, LLC. v. Clarksville/Montgomery Co.; Attorney General Opinions