Tennessee Public Schools…Beyond Educating Campaign

TSBA launched its Tennessee Public Schools… Beyond Educating Campaign in June. The importance of the public education system to our local communities is perhaps more apparent now in the midst of a global pandemic than ever before. Tennessee families are facing a myriad of challenges related to public school closures that extend far beyond the absence of instructional time for their children. Many Tennesseans are dependent upon their public school for support beyond education including, but not limited to, nutritional support, mental health issues, and child-care so parents can go to work. The totality of the negative impact from this school closure will reach far beyond this academic year.

Public schools are often a microcosm of their communities, facing ever-increasing social problems, including poverty, single-parent households, opioid and other drug abuse, juvenile crime, hunger, homelessness, and unemployment. These are local community problems that public schools must deal with because they accept ALL students, no matter their race, religion, social class, family income, or special needs. To understand the importance of public schools, you must understand the issues beyond educating.


  • Raise public awareness of the issues that public schools deal with beyond educating students
  • Improve community perception of public schools in Tennessee
  • Raise public awareness of funding inadequacies related to social services provided by public schools
  • Seek other education funding sources outside of the current Basic Education Program (BEP) funding formula
  • Develop innovative revenue sources outside of the BEP to support social service programs in public schools
  • Improve funding for public schools through policy and legislation

 Local Stories:
This Campaign will function primarily through social media and public content contribution from teachers, administrators, school board member, parents, and others. The Campaign will use the primary hashtag #beyondeducating. Each month, the Campaign will focus on a different social issue in schools (e.g. food insecurity or mental health issues) which will be assigned its own hashtag.

Followers will be encouraged to share the programs and stories in their school related to the topic for the month using both hashtags. For example, a district could share content on food insecurity such as pictures of a bus driver delivering meals along his route during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will serve as a forum for educators and support staff across the state to highlight the issues and share solutions. Participants can include a link to a story, an encouraging quote, a new program, or other outstanding things their district has achieved.

Get Involved:
Share your local stories.
Email your stories to Jennifer White at jwhite@tsba.net.

Follow the campaign social media accounts:
Twitter: @TSBA_beyondedu
Facebook: Tennessee Public Schools – Beyond Educating: @TSBAbeyondeducating

Use the Hashtag: #beyondeducating