Tennessee Business Fund for Public Education

Numerous businesses are starting to support school districts not solely from a philanthropic perspective, but now also with a view to building talent pipelines for their industries. School districts and businesses are taking the lead and embracing the challenge of preparing students for learning, for leadership, and for life.

The Tennessee Business Fund for Public Education (Fund) responds to the desire to provide a mechanism for Tennessee’s entire business community to actively support the development of its emerging workforce.

Preparing students for learning, leadership, and life is of utmost importance. In order to grow a citizenry of engaged and competitive workers, school districts must start career awareness and exploration at a young age and provide them with the tools necessary to succeed.

Meeting the future needs of Tennessee’s economy.

The Tennessee Business Fund for Public Education connects business organizations and individuals with Tennessee public schools to empower all students with exceptional programs that promote career readiness and post-secondary success.


  1. Empower students with the skills necessary for career and post-secondary success; and
  2. Build partnerships between school districts and businesses to create a talent pipeline.


For more information about the Fund, contact TSBA at (615) 815-3900 or TBR at (615) 255-5877.