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Advocating the Board’s Vision

May 16, 2023


To explore the board’s role in creating a vision for excellence for all students and in building public support to achieve the vision.


In this session, participants engage in discussion to learn what vision is, how it is created and the critical components it must include.  Board members discover how to build public support from all stakeholders for their school district vision, mission and goals.  During this session, participants will see the connection between standards of excellence in all areas of the school operation and the vision that they set as a school board.  They will also learn how to use data to assess needs, set goals and determine priorities for the school system.  Participants will have the opportunity to earn a micro-credential in the area of strategic planning.  The purpose of this exercise is to expose board members to competency-based personalized professional learning through micro-credentials and to help them become more familiar with an innovation that many of their teachers are engaging in through the Tennessee Micro-credential Pilot.

Major topics covered during the session include:

  • Exercising Board Leadership Through the Visioning Process
  • Why Boards Need to Have a Vision
  • What Vision Is-What Vision Does-What Kills Vision
  • Role of the Board and Superintendent in the Vision and Planning Process
  • TN Succeeds: Equity, Expectations and Pathways
  • Vision of Students Today
  • Translating Vision into Action
  • Using Data to Assess Needs and Setting Goals
  • Building Stakeholder Support for the Vision
  • Working with the Media
  • Board’s Role as a Creator of Public Opinion


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Dr. Tammy Grissom

Ben Torres

Ben Torres


May 16, 2023
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