Board Superintendent Relations


This session focuses on ways to select a superintendent, build the board/superintendent team, and evaluate the performance of the superintendent. During the course of the meeting, you have the opportunity to look closely at both roles and learn more about interrelationships and independence -- two essential elements for successful and productive relations. Participants will also review the elements of a superintendent contract.

Major topics covered during this session include:

  • Job Descriptions of Board Members/Superintendent
  • Roles and Expectations of Superintendent/Board
  • Superintendent Selection
  • Employment Contract
  • Team Development
  • Superintendent Performance Evaluation
  • Code of Ethics

April 11, 2014: Knoxville West - Hilton Garden Inn
April 14, 2014: TSBA Headquarters
April 25, 2014: Jackson - DoubleTree



  Randall Bennett                        Dr. Dale Lynch